Of Blood and Lions


Of Blood and Lions may be purchased directly from the author for $14.95. Five dollars from the sale of each book purchased from Karen Ann will be donated to the National Geopgraphic Big Cats program.

“Bite her! Do it, now, before it is too late, before I lose her forever.”

The lioness placed one of its huge paws around my neck. Her breath was like an open flame---the euphoria more potent than anything I had ever felt--as sensual as the anticipation of a first kiss. The animal did not kiss me, though.  The four red hot fangs slid effortlessness through the muscle and sinew, only stopping when the tips hit bone. My echoing screams gurgled then cut off as I struggled to free myself from the iron weight that held me in place. 

 As I peered through heavily clouded tears at the lion’s muzzle, now stained red with my blood, the king of the beasts opened its mouth to roar and I already knew what I would see next. Exactly like the dream, bright amber-colored ooze dripped from its fangs, sparkling in the sunlight, as I slid into unconsciousness.

It was at this moment that Katherine Chamber’s mundane middle-aged existence would move quietly into the super-natural world of the lion hybrids- ancient Assyrian warriors keeping age old necromancer demons from destroying the human race and their mentor Issy, the lion. Katherine’s human life would continue but she would not. Instead she would open her eyes ten hours later to a new world whose tale of sibling rivalry would span thousands of years and  one in which she would eventually become the unwillingly heroine that would save them all.

Of Blood and Lions now available at all major book outlets  Amazon, B&N,  electronically on Nook and Kindle, and also directly from Martin Sisters Publishing


The book cover is a watercolor rendition by Danielle Festa of the "The African and the Lioness" ivory carving c. 899-700 B.C. Danielle may be reached at danielle@daniellefesta.com.

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Of Blood and Lions